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Originally Posted by Manomio
"In order to get the speed we needed, I spent about 6 weeks and wrote a 68000 CPU core in about 60+% ARM assembly. Surprisingly, certain games (IK+) run respectively on a 3G device, which means it should do well on a 2nd gen touch device too, given the 25% faster clock speed. The 3GS has a far superior memory architecture to the older devices - it can really push bytes around and fast..."
I cannot believe that anyone looking for Amiga games would pay for this? Amiga emulators and to some extent games have been considered free for so long. It must be targeted at non gamers.

Originally Posted by seuden View Post
I don't think they're gonna release it as an Amiga emulator it seems they're going to release each individual game
They are not really allowed. It is against the terms and conditions of iPhone APP development to develop a virtual environment which can load in data. This same developer got caught out on this in his C64 emulator.
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