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I'm fairly late to the party on this one... so bascially we're looking at getting a potential new Amiga in the coming year? I'll say year, as if being into Amiga's since 1991, you learn one thing.... Anything Amiga related either ends up being way too late, or not turning up at all....

I mean if only the Hombre chipset had been released...!! Along with many other Amiga related products we heard about, but never actually got to see or went into production..

As for PPC, Sony PS3 makes a rather tidy job using a PPC, so its not perhaps a totally bad idea.... I mean, re-writing OS4 for x86 would be a rather huge task, and I always thought Amiga was about not going now the PC clone route...

A new Amiga with PPC and custom programmable CPU and modern PCI with inclusion of Zorro would be a welcome return for many I would have thought..

However, the website looked like an april fools joke.. I got the Amiga humour..!! It was quite funny in a way, however it doesn't really tell you a lot, and its very cheap looking..

Still, I'll wait and see if this does actually happen.. *fingers crossed*
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