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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
I do still have that disk in a safe place. It was a gift from Richard Karsmakers personal collection in the late 90's after I started the ThalionWebshrine.

If there was a way of dumping both the Amiga and ST portions of the disk to a format which could be used to re-create a fully working floppy disk then I would get it out and fire up my Amiga.
Maybe IPF format can handle both (Amiga and Atari ST) versions correctly? But I'm not expert. If I remember right a few tracks from Atari ST part of this demo was damaged, when Mr.Larmer created WHDload install for this demo, hopefully this is not important for Amiga part of this demo. Perhaps corrupted Atari ST data can be replaces with data from cracked version. ST version has extra protection, Amiga version don't have (except MFM (ST) format).
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