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I believe this easy goal was only in Sensi 1.2 . I 'vescored about 6,421,456 goals using this technique (what's the right word, technic or technique? or none of both? )

Anyway, ISS 64 has LOTS of stuff like that. I have a friend who can score ANYTIME he wants, by adding aftertouch using the Z button. He just shoots, add aftertouch, and is GOAAAL.

There are some long shots that are just IMPOSSIBLE to be intercepted, and they always put your striker in a scoring position. (Don't remember how you do that, I think you had to hold R and press Through-pass , but I may be mistaken)

ISS on PSX = Winning Eleven = Pro Evolution Soccer = Whatever Konami feels like calling it Oh, the 97 version was called "Goal Storm 97" in western and "Winning Eleven" in east

But the good ones begun with Winning Eleven 3 (Or International Super Star Soccer 98), and all Konami soccer games for the PSX after that are simply "Nearly as good as Sensi"
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