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yes i understand atarians getin there machines to do tricks that the hardware lacks part of the chalange
i was refering to very first days of a500 when people were still tryin to figure out how to use custom chips and atari games were 8 bit style as was alot of amiga games
i was in awe of my amiga a500 1.2 and often looked over to the atari
guys to see them the same wachin some smooth scrolling being wowed

i can understand what the big fuss about shodow of the beast on amiga
was as certain titles pushed the hardware and made you look

not a good game just showed off the pre release spread like fire

i still love the old doc demo with the demons

im not that familiar with st but can imagine you also having simlar
memorys of seing somthin push the atari hardware beyond what you
thought posible and thats were the relationship is

like i think the zx81 is cool because it had mazogs and 3d monster maze lol

i think ive waffled long enough now!

cool !

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