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awwww, stuck with £5 a week im afraid :P.

So can you provide a list of items i need to actually do it?

So far i have:

- Amiga HDD - With this i spend a few minutes pluggin into PC while my parents are cringing as i plunge a screw driver into the heart of the machine, then as i copy the files, i can remove it and plug it into the amiga, hence the files are on their.

I have no idea what a 2.5" to 3.5" adaptor is, presumably Amiga HDD are smaller than the standard HDD, as i think my HDD is 3.5".

And what are peoples thoughts and the null modem cable idea? Does that work similarly to a standard HDD > HDD process that people use everyday over PC's on LAN's?

EDIT#3: Also is an amiga HDD capable of being plugged in externally, otherwise i'd have to unplug the pc, take it apart, put hdd in, put it back together, plugging it in, copying the files, then repeating the process.

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