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>.> £20 is a tonne of money for me, it cost me £29 with shipping, then i had to spend £3 on a 520 adaptor, and i only had £33.50 in the first place.

No i dont have an amiga HDD :/. Im sure i can get one next week sometime, unfortunatly i think im lacking like..... the basics i really need. For example the amiga comes with nothing, except leads, from what i've read, i need workbench discs, the twinexpress tutorial really isnt helping me much.

From what you've said i plug my amiga hdd to my pc, put the files i need onto the hdd then put it back in the amiga and i can run the files? I could probably do that, but it would be a bit of a hassel taking my computer apart everytime i wanted to put files on, and im bound to damage something, im not very good at the internal side of pc's.

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