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Originally Posted by Dreedo View Post
So basically, i can put a 880KB floppy in my PC, and i can write to it, but it won't be read by my A600 (P.s. i finally purchased one today off of EBAY), unless i use a tool.
It depends what you want to write to it and what Workbench version your A600 is running.

Workbench 2.0+ comes with the CrossDOS filesystem, which means you can read Amiga 880K disks formattted as 720K DOS disks.

Originally Posted by Dreedo View Post
So really the only way for me to download and play games on my amiga is to purchase something? Thats annoying. :P
No, you can download games and split the ADF images or compress them to less than 720K to get them over to your Amiga on DOS-formatted disks.
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