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OK, I now have a flawless boot into WinUAE. I had to modify a .bat script to make the BIOS splash change 'take'. So, black BIOS splash, black bootscreen, gray logon screen, white desktop with nothin' on it, WinUAE takes over.

I even removed the brief blue (hardcoded, ofc...) color flash just before the logon screen! By using a tip by reshacker dis on Neowin forums and using AsmOne to hexedit logonui.exe, (I tried 3 different freeware PC hexeditors, but they were less competent and less easy to use).

This flash is on all Windows versions apparently, but if you have a fast PC it only shows for 1/30 second or less, so you may have missed it. You can see it more clearly if you set the logon wallpaper to black or dark gray.

There is actually a small flaw in the bootup ; between the BIOS splash pic and the Bootscreen pic, the DOS text cursor blinks twice in the top left corner. I'm hoping the SSD will be fast enough to whizz past this so it can't be seen, but... if someone knows how to get rid of it let me know.

So, only the final step left. Make WinUAE boot to WB/Asmone faster.

Experimented a bit with uae-configuration, but could turn warpmode on at the beginning of the startup-sequence. If someone knows the command to add (Toni?), please let me know!

Also, maybe it's just me but it seems somewhere around WinUAE 1.5-1.6 some check was introduced that makes WinUAE spend 5-10 seconds (just checked, about 2.5 seconds on my Opteron, but ofc it isn't finishing loading windows while WinUAEstarts) before even starting to emulate the kickstart bootup? If someone has tips on how to get rid of that I'm all ears!

Edit: Config attached.
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