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Originally Posted by killergorilla View Post
Can't say I think of anything man made as beautiful.
Not even the Aston Martin DB9?

Back on topic. It was my main system between 87 - 89 and I quite liked the Atari ST back in the late 80's.

It's case design wasn't quite as good as the Amiga A500's, but it was still a nice design compared to most of the 8-bit systems that came before.

I would say the ST plastic wasn't as nice as the Amiga and felt a bit flimsy. The internal PSU was also problematic. With my STFM I had to tap the top of the case over the PSU to sometimes make it work as the PSUs PCB had become slightly warped and created dry joint problems.

As for the best designed and best looking Amiga, I would have to say the original A500. Whenever I heard the word Amiga the A500 is the model that instantly comes into my mind. In the UK at least it was the model we all knew and loved.

As someone else said, the A1200 looks OK but is too thin. It definitely needed to be a little bit longer at the back to look perfect.

The second for me would be the A1000, as it had a unique Amiga like design about it that was original and interesting. You can't say the same about the later big box Amigas though. Most were just huge square boxes, especially the A2000. The A3000 was probably the best looking of the bunch. And I hated the design of the towers. They all looked like ugly 80's huge PC systems.

Worst design probably had to be the CD32. They tried too hard to copy the Megadrive, but without any logical reason why. They should have made it look more like the Dreamcast if they wanted to top loading system.
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