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I have purchased both apps and games in the past, many times more games then apps but I have purchased OS2 3, Visual basic 5 pro , windows 95, windows 3.1, norton suite, and some other software including 50+ games.

I admit the average user buys alot more games then aplications. A majority of people who buy prebuilt dells just use the apps that come with that system, or burn a copy of office from their work.

Getting back to the topic of the amiga I have to admit I have no idea how large the current miga community is, but I bet only a small fraction will buy an Amiga one. This product is for a small niche market and very few people will program for it. The days where 1 to 5 people can be a software house are long gone, takes too much money to make software and the A1 doesnt nor will it have the user base to make it economically worth it.
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