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Originally Posted by andreas View Post
Just to be safe, we should point out that the Magnetic Fields where you were in have absolutely nothing to do with the developing team of same name which did lots of stuff for Gremlin.

You may snigger, but this does get often confused afaics. (Too often.)
Maybe it's because one of our members Chronos (Matt Furniss) worked with Pete Harrap at Teque and Gremlin on various C64/Amiga soundtracks. Also famous for his "Fresh House" Noisetracker module which many NT users would be familiar with as it was included on one of the distributions.

But you're right, Magnetic Fields studio <> Magnetic Fields Manchester/Yorkshire-based demo (hello Frap!) and rather lame "compact disk" warez-spreading group (hello Cosy and No.5!).
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