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Originally Posted by lost_lemming View Post
i've literally just come back from work and checked this thread.

oh my..... what have I started.....

With a thread title and first post like these what in goodness name did you expect ?

Anywhere else it would be called trolling but um I guess its ok cos this is an Amiga board Bashing the ST seems to get you brownie points here

Anyways arguing over long dead systems is moot. Back in the day I had an Acorn Archimedes and loved it, in some ways it crapped on both the Amiga and ST (RISC chip, nicer looking OS). Sadly as Frank said above, all three companies and their systems are gone, so whats the point ?

Sure its all a bit of fun, but its funny that the Atari people on their Forums don't act like trolls regarding the Amiga isn't it? Indeed many have an Amiga or three in addition to their Atari collection... but not many here will admit to having an ST... lol.

Me ? I'm getting a Falcon Does that mean I'm taking sides ? Nope, I just like old kit, and the Falcon intrigues me

Lol @ you worring about how crap the ST is.... Compared to what ? the Amiga ?, The Archimedes ?. Maybe, but really comapred to modern kit our Beloved "Insert retro kit name here" sucks major donkey balls.

Unless you are still living in 1992. "But Old0r is better"! I hear the kiddies scream. Yeah but I'm sure no one, myself included would trade their Dual or Quad core PC/Mac for a 286 PC or a Mac SE as your main machine now would you...... nope thought not

"But We are better than them!"

Please, lol, grow up.

silly people

PS Mine's better than yours! Why ? it just IS end of (another argument you cant win)

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