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Originally Posted by mike4466 View Post
Yes frank_b I would be the first to admit the atari later became a fine machine after all professional musicians made music on it and there is a lot of excellent music software made for it but in the early days of the 16 bit war the amiga had an head start and you could not fault it and first impressions count and by the time atari got it right the amiga was to well established to lose the 16 bit war and everybody was going to support the winner and not the loser.
Yeah then Commodore gave it both feet, both barrels.
Atari limped on for a bit longer before doing the same.

The ST had the head start IMHO with most Amiga games being ST ports till beast came along. I think the real reason both machines died was due to the lack of R&D. Both companies were complacent trying to milk the older hardware for as long as possible. By the time the newer consoles came out they were too far behind. Atari wasted money on the Jaguar and Commodore delayed AAA opting instead for AGA which was nowhere near as elegant as the original chip set. Still we have some classic games so it isn't all bad

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