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I agree with Mark.

I think for the most part, the people in the UK were largely influenced by what they saw from coders/graphics/musicians from the rest of Europe.

Theres a distinct style change over the years, where the likes of Anarchy and Digital (Previously Magnetic Fields) started emulating the style of other countries output.

Lots of the innovative stuff was all from Europe as well, with many of the UK coders simply either copying the effects, but it was rare to have a UK production be the first to have something properly 'wow'.

I think also in the UK, the gravitas was more toward spreading pirated software than being demo-centric, whereas it seemed to be the other way around in the rest of Europe.

Thats not to say all of the UK people were not as talented as their European counterparts, far from it.

The likes of 4-Mat were doing great music right from the off, Kreator/Anarchy was doing great things as well.
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