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Originally Posted by ipod_sock View Post
But how!?!? how did thy even know where to start? what did they programme in? assembler? c? c+? was this time consuming? how did they learn to compose amazing music? and also (sometimes learn to crack)... how?!?!

EDIT: I'm also aware of the fact that this is a 'problem' section for demos, would there a better vehicle thread in which to discuss the above? and/or anyone had such a discussion already?
This might be spurious, but I personally think the media-savvy influences for Euro coders were more powerful than what he had in the UK during the late 80s/90s. For example, if you look at some vintage Swedish/German/Dutch TV presentation (graphics, animations etc.) they clearly had a bearing on the kind of "presentation" some of the best Amiga demos displayed.

I seem to remember the UK was still quite an old-fashioned place compared to other more progressive parts of Europe in the early 90s, and that lack of polish seemed to be reflected in our scene output. I remember thinking that even the best of what we had to offer still looked "a bit UK" (as I used to describe it).

Incidentally, EAB member Photon might be able to offer a more Phenomena-centric take on why their demos were so astonishing (Mr Gurk, Biggan, Firefox & Tip (& Mantronix) were all legendary names back in 1989!)

Sorry for ramble.
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