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Originally Posted by mike4466 View Post
I owned an amiga for 5 years 1988-1993 and it never broke down once not even a slight fault no other computer in existance has been more reliable than the amiga.
On the other hand the atari st i owned broke down 6 times in 6 months due to the fact they put the power supply inside the computer how mad is that also they put a spectrum 128k sound chip in oh and it could not handle smooth scrolling wizball being a prime example.
The only good thing aout the atari was tnt & oids game.
That's a pity you had so much hassle with it Mine has been going strong since March 1990 with no issues. The sound chip was an odd decision but musicians are getting decent results out of it now.

Have a look at

The STE and Falcon have hardware scrolling which was a major flaw in the ST. Well I say major flaw but the standard machine is capable of sync scrolling. Have a look at Enchanted lands. It's a nice trick. The ST doesn't deserve the abuse it gets from Amiga owners. If Jay Miner thought it was a neat computer and George Robbins owned one they couldn't be that bad

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