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As I said, magic names Too bad the names are coming after I'm done.

And I didn't need an app to do these bits for me as much as I needed to know how which bits did what. Anyway. I'm probably a bit more fiddly than most I guess.

Take that MAME shell thingy. Fine. Except I don't want to hide the mouse cursor just during the logon screen, and adding a bootscreen "skin" messes up the boot sequence. I need it to be black, then grey, then white, then whatever picture WinUAE shows.

Since the pic WinUAE shows is usually black as it boots from the harddisk-directory, the color before it must be white, and before that, grey.

If you do that with a grey bootscreen picture and hide the logon, you will get an ugly black screen between them as the screen switches video mode.

The way to do it is to
- replace the BIOS splash with a black screen, if possible.
- replace the bootscreen with a black screen. You can use /NOGUIBOOT, but that will put a blinking text cursor in the corner until you reach the logon screen.
- replace the logon screen with a grey screen and set its cursors to nothing.cur.
- set a white desktop wallpaper and replace the shell to remove the taskbar.
- put WinUAE in Start/Programs/Startup (fullscreen, always on top)

I don't mind doing that myself, I just found out that the only way to hide the taskbar is replacing the shell, and luckily I lived to tell the tale.

So anyway. BIOS splash and warpmode left to do.
ps. Sorry for asking Toni, I'll try to find the threads where the commands are mentioned.
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