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Originally Posted by ipod_sock
what did they programme in? assembler?
Yes. In assembler. It's the only way to get enough speed and enough control over the hardware to do demo effects.

Originally Posted by ipod_sock
Reading / learning then practice, hard work, dedication and experimentation I'd say.

Originally Posted by ipod_sock
was this time consuming?
This would vary depending on what they were making, previous experience etc. but in general, yes.

As an example it took me around two months to do my hidden line vector routine going from no knowledge of how to do blitter line draw and no understanding of vectors through to a piece of code that showed a hidden line vector cube. It then took another two months to develop this routine into one that could handle multiple objects and to bolt the rest of the bits of a demo around it. Of course if I was to repeat this process it would now be much quicker. Though, don't forget I'm not a teenager with lots of time and no other responsibilities to take me away from coding so I suppose I could've been quicker under different circumstances...

Originally Posted by ipod_sock
how did they learn to compose amazing music?
Well, no different to anyone who composes any other type of music would be my guess. As long as the inspiration for the tunes and melodies is there the rest is just practice to learn the "instrument" in this case ProTracker or whatever instead of a guitar or piano or something...

Same would be true of graphics I suppose - if you can draw and you've got inspiration it's just a matter of learning DPaint or whatever.
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