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Not start, part.

As I've understood it, explorer.exe is both the shell and the file manager. Replacing it as shell in the registry would remove the start menu, systray, etc, again, as I've understood it. You could still start explorer file manager, since only the shell part of explorer.exe has been pointed elsewhere by the registry.

I'm not a member of a tweak- or car PC forum, and I've never replaced system components before. So I don't know all the ins and outs of the Windows OS.

But ofc this is not a pure kiosk, one-function PC. So I've solved the flaws I saw one at a time with a minimum change in the OS, and only changes that I understood how they worked.

Replacing the windows shell with another shell, well there's a reasonable chance that will give full functionality. Plopping an emulator there instead, well, when I close it down I close down the shell. Now I want to right-click some systray icon, start Control Panel, and in general use the PC as I do daily. Well, if there's a way to get normal explorer shell functionality when I close WinUAE, I will certainly consider it instead of using LiteStep, as it's a smaller modification to Windows.

These magic names of handy replacements, well, APPS I can try with a reasonable chance of success and hopefully minimal damage to my installation.

But finding REPLACEMENTS that are stable and have nice features, well that's hard for someone who hasn't been part of a 'tweak community' for a while and sees a "list of shell replacements" on Wikipedia. Knowing which ones do what you want and any issues with them is hard to 'learn by googling'. I'm not a guy who built a mini-PC, has a media PC with glossy and stylish interfaces in his living room, and certainly I've never even thought of having a PC in my car! (I did go 'wtf' when some of my googlings led to sites like '' though )

What do you use to hide the mouse cursor/hourglass when your desktop shows?

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