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I was seriously considering replacing explorer.exe the same way I hide the mouse cursor, but alas any registry 'swap' scripts won't make any difference as the switch requires a logoff/logon. On top of that, there's the shell part and the file manager part of explorer.exe.

Litestep did indeed replace the shell and thereby the taskbar. Except it was twice as high and permanently fixed in place Oh, and it added back the default desktop icons.

After adjusting my "I'm tired of this shit now" brain to ANOTHER scripting language it was easy to fix. I did try the Tribute theme which is great, but also had a slight flaw, while WinUAE was booting AmigaOS some strange menu or rectangle flashed at the left edge of the screen for 1/10th of a second. Since I couldn't relate the rectangle to any of the theme modules, I went back to the default theme and hid the bottom modules and the desktop icons.

It was easy to plug in my explorer _file manager_ replacement into LiteStep, namely xplorer2. With some more registry trickery opening any folder opens the folder in a new tab in the xplorer2 window.

There was no clock in the systray of the default LiteStep theme. A temporary solution was 'some clock from a shareware site'. If you know a nice digital clock that is always on top and transparent in some corner, let me know

On the to-do list is to flash the BIOS to remove the BIOS splash picture. Can I be assed? You tell me.

So now everything works flawlessly. But I can't settle for perfection, of course.

So Toni, is there some way of making WinUAE start in Warp mode? I don't mind if I have to press a key to restore normal speed once everything is loaded. Download some command, add it to startup-sequence?
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