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Originally Posted by ipod_sock
how on EARTH did a bunch of kids from Norway/Holland/other generic European city manage such technical feats? not just in terms of coding ability but the graphics, the music? Where they just exceptionally talented or was it relatively easy to do... I'm thinking NOT!
Easy to do...? No.
Exceptionally talented...? Yes.

That's why I love demos - to me they're really a true artform. Doing something innovative or memorable definitely takes artistic talent from all involved - code, music and graphics in my opinion.

Originally Posted by ipod_sock
Whilst I'm at it, as I'm new here and still don't know Adam from Eve, if anyone playing here dabbled in the scene 'back then', thanks for the memories...
Two of the big talents from the scene helped you out with your request! In case you're wondering that'd be Galahad and StingRay.
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