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First of all, apologies for the triple posting but it understadibly went kinda quiet after request was thankfully fulfilled. After watching and listening to this atmospheric/hauntingly good sounding production yet again I simply HAVE to to air something I've been thinking about the last few years (obviously never knew 'back then') but how on EARTH did a bunch of kids from Norway/Holland/other generic European city manage such technical feats? not just in terms of coding ability but the graphics, the music? Where they just exceptionally talented or was it relatively easy to do... I'm thinking NOT! I wouldn't have a clue where to start?!?!?

I knows what I like and am FAR too critical but don't have an OUNCE of creativity in me anyway, surely I'm not the ONLY one to wonder bout this?

Whilst I'm at it, as I'm new here and still don't know Adam from Eve, if anyone playing here dabbled in the scene 'back then', thanks for the memories... I think my Budbrain, RedSector/Cebit90 and Phenomena/Enigma disks wore away after multiple 100's of plays!

Yours in AWE... again iPod_sock
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