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Originally Posted by prowler View Post
There's no hurry, mate! (It's taken me long enough getting it ready, after all. )

I really just want to check that the script works for installing the game(s) from the AF117b disk so that Titler can complete his installation.

I've verified that it boots, and all the files on the disk are 100% good copies of the original files, so everything else should work fine.
Well the install scripts worked before, you don't need disk A to do that.

The only aditional feature disk A provides is a script to install mini arcnoid to a floppy disk. The normal HD installer on Disk B within the mini arcnoid archive works just fine, all you need to do is extract the archive within workbench and use the HD installer. Same for Gunbee F99 you just need to use the HD Installer on Disk B, Disk A is not required at all for the games.

I tested the installer on Disk A for Fiasco and that was fine but I had trouble making an arcnoid floppy, most likly my old disks are a bit ropey I really need to get some new ones.

Another point to mention, I could not write this to disk with EasyADF so I grabbed ADFBlitzer from Aminet which worked fine. Again testing was on my real Miggy.

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