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Finally I have fixed this disk image!

I have uploaded an updated archive to the Zone with the complete set of disks I have recovered so far. Eight of the eleven disks have now been imaged successfully. The other three disks (marked '*' in the list below) still have read errors and need a bit more work, including loading up the original games, to get valid disk images, or at least recover as many of the game saves as possible.

The disks
Softville PD Service - Sof 181 (OkimateDemo.adf)
Amiga Format 117a - Fiasco 2.2, ViewFonts 2, PoolMem (AF117a.adf)
Amiga Format 117b - GunBee F-99, Mini Arcanoid (AF117b.adf)
Amiga Action, May 1995, Disk 3 - Sensible Massacre 2, Demon (AMIGAACTION.adf)
Demon Card Game (Demon V1.01.adf)
Pinball Dreams, Disk 1 (Pinball Dreams 1.adf)
Pinball Dreams, Disk 2 (Pinball Dreams 2.adf)
Pinball Fantasies, Disk 2 - Party Land / Speed Devils *
Pinball Fantasies, Disk 3 - Billion Dollar Gameshow / Stones 'n' Bones *
Ultima V - Boot / Play / Underground Disk *

Could you test the AF117a disk image for me, please?

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