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Well, as I've understood it this little 'hello, here I am, my name is the taskbar, just wanted to let you know I'm here if you need me byeee' is a hard-coded feature in explorer.exe and can't be affected by removing the logon stuff. Auto-hide or dock or apps won't last across a reboot, at best the taskbar will display and then the hider app or dock is loaded. Yay...

This was a sponsored ad link that appeared more than once in my misc googles -

Bit of a letdown huh. But check the 4th bullet from top Should have read 'hardcore porn sites' instead, they'd get more hits Warning! DON'T download that crap, it's likely the usual 'confirm that you want to install a "security" app that will install spyware and toolbars if you please' kinda thing.

Is this an adult site btw? Hehe.
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