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Originally Posted by Photon View Post
I don't really care about somehow covering up that I'm running WinUAE in XP, I wouldn't have any way of concealing that I'm using a PC keyboard anyway And where would I hide the beige metal box with the noisy PSU fan?

I'm not towering any Amiga and adding a PC keyboard and LCD monitor to it either, if a visitor has questions I'll proudly explain why I have an Amiga on my work desk.

Then again, the idea of having a PC for the sole purpose of using it as an Amiga has its merit. But I'd rather use Amiga on loved and cared for hardware than deprecated hardware.
Update: I was forced to buy a demoparty laptop, and so I've gone the same route on my own just to see if it was possible.

I've even found a way of concealing that I'm typing on a PC keyboard, hehe I'm using Keyrah, so instead of concealing it I'm actually typing on a real Amiga keyboard in a real sawed-in-half Amiga chassi
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