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- when you mess up the shell-change (i.e. enter a wrong path for the shell) you'll most likely have to reinstall windows[/QUOTE]

Would I be dragged out to the town square and flogged if I made C:\windows\system32 the WinUAE base folder?

Toni: I know. The only reason it's here is cos WinUAE-users can see it easily and maybe solve a problem "in WinUAE's vicinity".

Photon, you said you weren't bothered about doing this in this thread:
Yes, but something happened that changed my mind about getting a laptop at all. I bought one to cope with file transfer hassle on demoparties, and now that I had one and had ordered an SSD, a 'grey/white/boot' cycle that takes just 3-5 seconds was possible, if I could only remove stuff so it'd be a proper 'emulation'

And well, the MacGyver thing was just a catchphrase. No, I didn't use that guide, in fact I was looking like hell for guide specifically for netbooks and the like, which I though was on this forum.

Basically I learned which registry values did what and used some small apps like TweakUI and LogonStudio. It was the simplest way of getting the logon screen the way I like it. Maybe I'll remove it completely if there are no visible flaws.

StingRay: Done and Done. Thx
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