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Originally posted by Djay
Alien Breed TA
Grand Prix
Jurassic Park
Wing Commander
Kick Off 3
Eye of the Beholder
Rainbow Island
First Samurai

Final Copy 2

there still more to come

i also got Worms off ebay today...

can i use a standard direct connection cable (par), read somewhere not use pin 14 (?!?!?) cos of voltage... paradise at BTTR.... any ideas

Find a computer fair in your area-- If it's a reasonable one I guarantee you'll find plenty of useful Amiga transfer goods

Last one I went to, a guy had a massive boxful of old Amiga 500s, 600s and 1200s some working, some not. The ones that didn't work were available for a mere £2! The ones that did ranged from £5 to £20
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