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Windows shell (explorer.exe) replacement

Nearing the end of my trek towards WinUAE-laptopdom, I now have a laptop that boots right into Workbench without showing any part of Windows, using only my secret mix of handy chemicals lying around and a paper clip, the MacGyver way.

I lied. The taskbar shows for about 1.5 seconds just before WinUAE boots from the workbench harddisk-directory.

After right-clicking the taskbar , googling, reading threads, following links, and trying apps, scripts, and taskbar replacements like docks (things I would not like to do anymore) I read in a 'kiosk PC' forum that someone had solved this precise problem by replacing explorer.exe with a different shell. Ofc, the poster didn't share which one...

So, if that's what it takes. Which ones of you have a taskbar that doesn't show when you leave the logon screen? Please tip me off to which shell replacement you use

I'm on a Thinkpad T40 with XP SP3.

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