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K240 but i haven't really started to play it properly even so will i ever finish it

Utopia, Deutros, Supremacy, Millenium2.2, Transarctica

B17 but then it's not really like you can finish that one

I'm honestly not all that interested in finishing much on the Amiga to be honest as i just like re-playing same levels or parts of fave games.I like the Amiga atmosphere more than anything and sometimes this can lead to me just flying one half of a single mission in Birds of Prey or CAP for example- i guess i haven't the time to devote to an entire game worth

I load G.N.I.U.S or Purple Saturn Day(the circuit board game)sometimes as these games entertain me for 10minutes or so and that's most of the time all i have after iv'e played a game of Halo

It's a shame we all don't live to be 1000 years old but like you already pointed out, we're all going to be dead soon
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