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Turrican is not a platformer. It's a run-n-gun. It's in the same category as Contra and Metal slug.

Turrican is not a platformer.

Turrican is not a platformer!

Neither is Turrican II.

As someone that helped work with a rarity guide on gaming that required gameplay definitions, I'm no expert but I've been in the field. So let's stop with the putting Turrican in this discussion.

If it WAS a platformer, it'd be the best one. But it's not.

Although my own assertion is also then wrong - Harlequin is at most half-platformer/half-run'n'gun (It has the platformer elements of levels and exploration akin to Super Mario Bros. however has the run'n'gun "different weapons and lots of enemies to kill" elements too - technically disqualified from discussion).

On these merits I instead give my vote to Giana Sisters.
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