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Murders In Space . Great graphic adventure of the "murders" series (there was also "Murders In Venice", which I wanna take a look at some day... and some others for 8 bit computers like Murder On The Atlantic which I got a copy recently at ebay for Amstrad CPC with the most outstanding number of feelies I ever saw in a game of its kind!).

They were all about resolving crimes (in a transatlantic ship, in Venice, in a sapce shuttle...). Murders In Space was one of the first graphic advs I played and I got a lot of good memories from it.

One of then is also about late night hours beeing depressing. I had spent most of the night trying to discover who the murderer was... but failed miserably, and he began to serial killing all of the crew members in the shuttle. At some point their lifeless bodies were floating due to low gravity all around the place. A couple of hours just before dawn that was both depressing... and creepy!

And the case remains officially "unresolved", I mean, I never could reach the "good" ending of the game. I knew who the bad guy was and knew how to unmask him... but couldn't do it. In order to have the option to reach the dialogue in which evrything happens I needed to read a private mailbox and to gain access to it I had to type a password. I knew which the password was... but could never actually type it cause just one stupid character was wrongly keyboard-mapped in the spanish floppy edition.

I tried everything. Playing in another language, even hacking the game with an hex editor to change the pass, but nothing worked ^_^'

...but I'll send this evil-doer to jail some day!!!

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