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Thanks for another update, Charlie!

It's appreciated all the more because we know you've been very busy lately.

Originally Posted by Charlie View Post
There's also a new version of:

Still v2 but this time in ArcStick Edition - It's designed to go onto a USB stick (min 256mb) and will auto-run on insertion assuming you're running 'doze with Auto-Load enabled.
-Nice for retroness on a keyring...
...Shove the ArcStick into your work computer when you're bored and in moments you have Classic RiscOS goodness.
-It's the full Classic RiscOS setup - I bet nobody's bothered to delve the depths of the 'standard' set up.
-It runs Faaaast.
-Yet more games and emulators installed.
-Smaller archive too!

-Oh, and it's a bit experimental.
Wow! Thanks for compiling that!

I suppose it could autostart from any device - even a CD!

Originally Posted by Charlie View Post
Depending on interest (and my limited time these days) I may look into an auto-booting version (using ReactOS) in case anyone wants to 'do an Amithlon' on their PC.

How's that?
That would be a nice option. Certainly something to think about.

Originally Posted by Charlie View Post
Now, the downside:
The server went down some time last night, the PSU-brick had given up!

It's now fully up in a somewhat de-constructed form with a PC-PSU plugged into the motherboard but @ some point it will have to go down again for repairs...
...warning of impending maintenance will appear on the main site page. Also the above Classic RiscOS logo will go off-line when the server is.
Well, at least it didn't take anything else out when it failed!

And the embedded Qube RiscOS Server status indicator logo is a nice touch, too.
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