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Well, Doom was DOS not windows, Halo was a MAC game so it'll have been released (it has in fact). Its just that MS bought Bungie. Doom Wolfenstein exist in other format than DOS, Linux for instance. POP first came on Apple 2. MS bought DOS to a guy for 50000$ because they sell a DOS to IBM to beat Apple but they didn't have it and were unable to deliver. Digital research didn't want to sell the CP/M to them (IBM) so MS just change the C letter by a A big time.
I don't need a XBOX 360 as I've a PS3 (ring of death you name it...)
Well in France we said "Le plus gros m├ępris est le silence". (The biggest contempt is silence)
This guy doesn't deserve any attention so my post and yours are already too much for such guy.
The end.
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