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Originally Posted by StingRay View Post
I don't think it is so hard to understand that he meant "if original game supports more than 1 drive the crack should do the same". And there are cracks that just support df0: while the original supports external drives. Anyway, not wanting to take any sides, I just think some replies here are kinda unfair.
Well, everything depends on wording, right?
While your interpretation is distinctly one-way and hard to misinterpret, his's...

Crack runs on the same number of different disk drives as the original
... "works" in BOTH directions, if supported drives of crack are less or equal *OR* greater or equal than those supported on the original.
You may consider that nitpicky; but Don's "axiom" was just too "foggy" (IMO && YMMV).
However I concede, that it's also a way of seeing things: admittedly I do that too mathematically-logically sometimes ("Berufskrankheit" as they commonly dub this in German eh )

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