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Oh, I'd like to hear your definition of "real" computer users.

A Games company. That clearly has a lot to do with the "real world" computing then? I thought that would be more of the recreational side of home computing. A category that makes up a tiny percentage of the overall software base. But then of course, you already know that.

You may feel patronised, you may have been around this board for two years, but if you can't if you can't see that software sells hardware, and not the O/S... you need some basic education. Try a basic economics class or business studies. Of course, working for a games company, I would have thought it obvious that that company makes a living from selling... erm... could it be games? Not hardware then? What a surprise.

More than 3500 computers? Yes, more than that. Lots more in fact.

Still feeling patronised?
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