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The files I already mentioned do not contain any illegal character, remember that the common way to transfer files over to an Amiga was through the printer port or the serial port via software for many of us. the ramdisk on the Amiga is limited so to be able to transfer any necessary files over you would strip out all the cack and transfer what was needed to the ramdisk and then from the ramdisk to a floppy. This method also applies to HDInstTools to allow you to install a hard drive or as in my case a CF card AND IT WORKS!

At the end of the day you are right about illegal characters being able to cause problems, when the Amiga came out it was problematic along with the long file names as windows 3.11 was out at the time. Of all the files I have downloaded I have yet to see an illegal character when I have opened an LHA file, there will be some I dare say but would I need to transfer any un-archived file file after I have installed a hard drive and used the files from fat95 and cfd to allow transferring via the PCMCIA CF method I really doubt it but you can still safely explore the contents of an LHA archive should you wish via Winrar.

I was lucky as I installed a hard drive in my Amiga years ago, but to get the files needed to format the CF card and then make up a method of transferring large amounts of stuff I had to use the method above. All the files and programs that were on my hard drive were copied over to the PCMCIA card and fat95 and cfd along with HDInstTools were put onto floppies, HDInstTools was added to a stripped down Workbench disk which was used to boot the machine when the CF card was fitted. After installing and formatting the CF drive, and installing fat95 and cfd, all the files on the PCMCIA CF card were copied over to the new drive and everything worked fine other than V36noclick which I may have deleted. as it couldn't be found.

So all in all a simple "If you use Allen's method , take care in case there are illegal characters in the LHA archive which may cause problems if extracted to a PC" would have sufficed rather than writing such a monumental description of "what if but maybe" that this has ended up being. life is hard enough without complications
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