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I've rebuilt approximately half of the AF117a Fiasco 2.2 lzx archive.

Unfortunately, because the Aminet archive is now at version 2.22, the time and date stamps on some of the files have been adjusted, whether they have been updated or not, and now that I have all the files required to rebuild this archive, I am determined to make it an exact replacement for the damaged one - and that means getting the time and date stamps correct as well, which has taken most time to do.

All the replacement files have been given the correct correct time and date stamps and copied over the original, corrupt files where they were first extracted from the damaged archive.

I am reconstructing the archive by trial and error in stages from the Shell by invoking the LZX archiver repeatedly to store the files in the correct sequence, with the right optimization and compression ratio.

I should be able to complete it in one more session.
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