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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
I don't think it is safe to unarchive LHA's containing files with certain characters (even using an Amiga) if the destination drive is formatted with NTFS, FAT or FAT32. That would include a CF card formatted for use with the Amiga fat95 filesystem driver.

Has to be a drive with an Amiga filesystem. SFS, PFS3, FFS, OFS etc.

Usually there is no error or warning. WinRAR unpacks the LHA and file names just get truncated and so ultimately the contents doesn't work properly.

The Thalion game Amberstar is one such game where I think some of the files are named Amber_*

The longer than 8 and 3 character names are preserved on my system as in the example "ActivateCrossIDEfix" from th c directory in IDEfix97.lha when extracted with Winrar to my laptop hard drive under Windows XP Pro service pack 3 and so are all the other names unless I put them on a CD and read then on the Amiga..

I havent used my Amiga long enough to argue with this point, but this is the method I used to set up my initial system and transfer WHDLoad and lots of WHLoad games, the initial set up system was then backed up onto a fat formatted CF card in the PCMCIA slot and successfully copied over to another 2 Amigas without any real problems. I know that if I burn a CD with WHDLoad games on it, the problems you mention are there and the Amiga cannot recognise most of what is there, if I then place the same CD in my laptop and copy the files to a fat formatted CF card and place that in the PCMCIA slot, those files/games are recognised and work no problem.

A strange beast is the Amiga and its long filenames.
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