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after I choose which languages, printer drivers, and keymaps to include, I get a "workbench3.1 disk full" error and the installer aborts ?!?
Beginner's mistake.

1. It has tried to install Workbench to the floppy disks. Hopefully you made a backup of the disks, because the copy you used is now destroyed.
2. always keep your floppy disks write protected. If you want to install to HDD, there is no reason to write to the floppy disks. If it tells you to remove the write protection, you did something wrong.
3. never ever select Novice mode when using the Commodore installer!! Novice mode is for experts only. Use Advanced or Expert, then you will be asked where to install to. Novice mode does a "best guess" installation without asking any questions. This always goes wrong.
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