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Amiga Software Index - The Big Bang -

Welcome to

Amiga Software Index

ASI is a Software Archiv for Classic Amiga Computers. The Index
contain thousands Entries. 99% of all Amiga Software is archived
and/or listed. Yes, it is The world's largest Amiga Archive.
Many Years I worked for this Project. The last Version was ca. 2004.
This is the Final "The Big Bang" Release.
I have made sorted, renamed, repaired, packed and converted all
Amiga Disks to ADF/HD/CAPS Formats and more.

Thats all packed in one Windows-Excel-Table (Database).

This Is It.


Total Packages : 20.460
Disks/ADFs : 24.784
CD-ROMs : 670
Size : 113.698.683 KB
Size (unpacked) : ~ 250 GB

Compilations : 1.303 Packages
Coverdisks : 1.074 Packages
Diskmags : 1.231 Packages
Docdisks : 391 Packages
Games : 10.458 Packages
Megademos : 1.020 Packages
Musicdisks : 774 Packages
Packdisks : 1.706 Packages
Slideshows : 332 Packages
Tools/Apps : 1.953 Packages

and many more

File List

ASIFULL.EXE Simple Windows Installer
ASIFULL.ACE With WinACE packed Archive


INDEX.CSV Comma Separated Values
INDEX.XLS Excel Spreadsheet 2000/2003 compatible Version
INDEX.XLSX Excel Spreadsheet 2007 compatible Version (XML)

The Database is in Parts Write protected! You need the PW.
The "INDEX" is not protected (make later your Hyperlinks).

Directories Put here your Files

Wintools WinACE, 7-Zip, Total Commander v5.x, New Topaz Font


All Amiga Files are compressed with WinACE v2.x or in 7-Zip Utra Mode!

To Do

This Database is not Error Free. Missing < 1.862 > Files.
Possible Update!? End of the Year 2010 with Downloads etc.
... and more Packages, Comments ... than 99.9% Listed.


Freeware. This Software is 100% Freeware.


You can ever Download here at



P.S. The Text con not formated !?

Good Bye
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