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A friend of mine (net-only, not met IRL) was interested in trying out Amiga, so he bought an A1200 + Indivision AGA 1200... He found out that it was too much of a hassle getting the old games to work (no fastmem = almost no WHDLoad luck), so he gave away the A1200 and the shiny new Indivision AGA 1200 to me (!!)... He bought an A600 later and he's now very happy.
I've not picked up the A1200 yet, but he sent the Indivision AGA some months ago. It's in my A1200, doing good.

I also got an Amiga 500 + 512kB expansion + GRAVIS GamePad + external floppy drive + the original box + Commodore 1084S for free from a guy on the net (I helped him with a website+forum for about 5 years, so he was being nice to me)
The external floppy drive is broken now though, and the A500's case has got several cracks.. But the 1084S is in good condition, I use it often for SNES and so on
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