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Originally Posted by Dan Locke View Post
Excuse me? Turrican has a huge emphasis on exploring the levels, which involves "jumping and moving around". Yes, you do shoot enemies, but that's an accessory feature to the underlying platform game... What does cuteness have to do with anything?
But that's the point. A true platformer will never give you the amount of exploring freedom Turrican does. A platformer is mostly (if not all) about accuracy in moving/jumping. Turrican has a great deal of that, sure, but you have to be more accurate in shooting, rather than worrying about landing on the right platform.
I was half-joking about the cuteness of course, but still, if you look at most of the classic platformers, they are cute. The rules in this case come out of 'life-experience' (can't phrase this properly in English now, sorry ), and I am pretty sure the Turrican creators were more influenced from R-Type than Bubble Bobble.
The closest Turrican gets imo to platformers is its time limit, and we know how insignificant was that in the game. It's almost as if the... "Platform Game Association" forced the time-limit on Turrican!
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