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I have discovered what accounts for the difference in filesize between some of the .info files in the damaged Fiasco 2.2 archive on the AF117a coverdisk and those in the AFCD33 coverdisks folder - they have different default tools! (Those on the CD use :c/AFCDView, whilst those in the achive use more, MultiView, ShowDVI, etc.)

Despite this, I have not had much luck at all with converting files on the CD to exact replacements for the remaining 16 damaged files. The problem appears to be that icon positional data between the two sets of files are different, and all attempts I have made to clean up the windows and snapshot the icons give me no matching checksums! It really is hopeless!

So, tonight I started an internet search for Amiga Fiasco and, apart from dredging up the usual articles about the collapse of Commodore, etc., I was rewarded with an Amiga Format Coverdisk 83a image from AMR fearuring Fiasco and, crucially, Fiasco 2.2 main and English documentation archives on Aminet featuring, as far as I can tell, all the missing files!
I'd not thought of looking on Aminet!

I'm now hoping to have built something very close to a final disk image by tomorrow evening!
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