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Re: sadness

Originally posted by IanS
Perhaps you ought to look out of the window and see what the real world uses computers for.

Possibly, but it makes no odds to me what the 'real world' uses computers for, since the real world has no real computer users. Not as far as I see anyway, and I'm clearly elitist... and proud of it.

I work for a games company, so I don't think you're in any position to tell me what sells computers and what doesn't.

You seem like the jumped up kind of freakshow who'll assume things about people just to get a point across, and patronise those in your path to get there. I've been around this board for 2 odd years now, don't tell me what's what.

//edit : Noticed your part about 'More computers than I'll see in a lifetime'. I don't think you're right there mate, unless they have over 3,500? Don't patronise me, and don't try and tell me how many computers I've seen.
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