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Originally Posted by Falcon Flight View Post
My argument is that the use of it is not a mere accessory but a significant aspect of getting through the game.
Oh, I'm not denying its significance. It's just that, most of the time, you're more concerned with where you're going (where does this tunnel go?) than with shooting enemies on the way. This is a result of the huge levels and relatively small enemy numbers.

In a game like Gunstar Heroes, though, the priorities are completely switched - you're mostly just running along a straight path with a few ledges here and there for variety, while gunning down legions of enemies that constantly attack you. Consequentially, you're going to be a lot more concerned with simply staying alive (these guys are EVERYWHERE!) than with finding special areas and hopping across platforms.

See what I mean? When I say "accessory", I mean "mechanic that enhances, but does not supplant, the game's core idea".

Originally Posted by Falcon Flight View Post
Compare Turrican 2 with Super Metroid, which has *real* explorative aspects, and where killing lots of enemies is not fundamental, as they can much more easily be eluded and even ignored entirely.
I would love to see someone get through Super Metroid without killing any enemies.

Originally Posted by Falcon Flight View Post
I'm confused. You're extending my argument? I don't dislike well rendered GFX; I just find them unnecessary. Mechanics are far more important, and I didn't find that any incidental animations in Donkey Kong Country added anything whatsoever to the core mechanic of what that game's supposed to be.
That's not what you said, though. To quote: "This is why I don't personally like Earthworm Jim or Donkey Kong Country; I believe the superb animation distracts from the core of the game." If you aren't saying, "I don't like console platformers because their good graphics distract me from the underlying gameplay," please enlighten me, because I hate misunderstandings.

Originally Posted by Falcon Flight View Post
Gimme a Taito game anyday; they have gameplay and concentrate on core mechanic
And Earthworm Jim doesn't?
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