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Originally Posted by Dan Locke View Post
Well, yeah, if you put a gun in a game, you'll also add a use for it - it's pretty stupid, otherwise.
My argument is that the use of it is not a mere accessory but a significant aspect of getting through the game.

There's still a fantastic amount of emphasis on exploring the levels, though, and there's also the matter of being able to kill certain enemies by jumping on them.
The emphasis is neither on one nor the other. The game is a hybrid, IMO. There's a reason you've got a 360 degree rotating gun. Compare Turrican 2 with Super Metroid, which has *real* explorative aspects, and where killing lots of enemies is not fundamental, as they can much more easily be eluded and even ignored entirely.

I'm confused. You dislike good graphics? Why can't you admire your skills at moving a well-rendered character?
I'm confused. You're extending my argument? I don't dislike well rendered GFX; I just find them unnecessary. Mechanics are far more important, and I didn't find that any incidental animations in Donkey Kong Country added anything whatsoever to the core mechanic of what that game's supposed to be. Gimme a Taito game anyday; they have gameplay and concentrate on core mechanic, not eye candy.
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