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Originally Posted by Falcon Flight View Post
As I said in the above post, I wouldn't belittle the run n gun aspect as an "accessory" feature because if you don't shoot a shit load in Turrican 2, you're not gonna end up exploring those levels at all; you're gonna be dead.
Well, yeah, if you put a gun in a game, you'll also add a use for it - it's pretty stupid, otherwise. There's still a fantastic amount of emphasis on exploring the levels, though, and there's also the matter of being able to kill certain enemies by jumping on them.

Originally Posted by Falcon Flight View Post
I don't personally like Earthworm Jim or Donkey Kong Country; I believe the superb animation distracts from the core of the game. Those two games have nothing on Taito conversion on the Amiga (Graftgold especially were gurus!), in the core of platforming goodness.

I don't want to watch my character and admire him; I want to move him and admire my skills.
I'm confused. You dislike good graphics? Why can't you admire your skills at moving a well-rendered character?
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