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Originally Posted by wanderer View Post
I think it depends on the amount of jumping and moving around to define a platformer. Shooting is more important in Turrican than jumping etc. For me, it's not a platformer. And there's no cuteness in it whatsoever.
Gah... :-)
Shooting and platforming in Turrican 2 are of equal significance. I know before I said just call Turrican 2, Turrican 2, but if I had to pigeon hole it, I'd call it "hybrid of platforming and run n gun" ("with utterly irrelevant SHMUP levels.")

I can see why you would equate platformer with cuteness or simplicity, as with many platform franchises, that *is* the standard. This helps people focus on core mechanics, and not be distracted.

This is why I don't personally like Earthworm Jim or Donkey Kong Country; I believe the superb animation distracts from the core of the game. Those two games have nothing on Taito conversion on the Amiga (Graftgold especially were gurus!), in the core of platforming goodness.

I don't want to watch my character and admire him; I want to move him and admire my skills.

So cute Taito platformers, ftw. :-)
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